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Reliable, massive data storage for this diverse industry

Cloud storage is an industry that continues to grow. The convenience and reliability of the medium is not only driving corporate clients to give up their backup tapes, it is also making home users take note and give up burning CD’s and DVD’s. This explosive growth has led to an extremely diverse set of data storage requirements – requirements that Savage IO is well equipped to meet.

**Savage IO enables Cloud Storage Providers the ability to offer extremely competitive rates, while still recouping infrastructure investments in mere months.



Data Storage for Cloud Service Providers

Savage IO offers data storage solutions for the Cloud Service providers. Our hardware products are built to meet the high demands of cloud storage. We can custom build to meet your storage needs. Call us at 1-888-963-4581 to see how we can help meet your cloud storage needs.

Reliable Storage for Public and Private Clouds

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Cloud Storage has some of the most diverse storage requirements of any industry. That’s because they need a little bit of everything – short term primary data storage, long term secondary data storage, archival, restoring, etc. There’s also the need for Petabytes worth of storage space, and an absolute intolerance for any data loss whatsoever (this is due to the primary advantage of cloud storage, which is to protect against lost data).

On top of all that, add in differing levels of service and speed, and you have an industry that defies stereotyping in terms of data storage requirements. No one data storage product is the answer.

This diverse set of requirements fits Savage IO’s offerings to the letter. We have an incredibly varied product selection that meets the need for multiple components with multiple architectures and performance levels, with the ability to perform flawlessly as a whole.

Savage IO builds nothing but high end, enterprise level data storage units, built with top-shelf micro components from reliable, audited suppliers. And our patent-pending designs mean you get more storage in less space, with a lower total cost of ownership.


Key Advantages for Cloud Companies

  • Great partner discounts
  • Most densely combined pool of both storage and compute resources
  • Managed Colocation opportunities
  • SSD drives for housing meta data (we love solid state drives)
  • Independent Virtualization of server and storage resources

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